186955-EXP Turn-o-matic plus pack | comes with led indicator, plug-in power supply,and plug-in data cable
186955-WIRELESS Turn-o-matic wireless system | comes with led indicator, ticket dispenser, counter sign, pictorial counter sign holder, 2 wireless remote controls, plug-in power supply, and 24000 tickets
277327 Turn-o-matic 2 digit led indicator
267790-04-RED Turn-o-matic ticket dispenser
410029-SIGNF Turn-o-matic french counter sign
330469-WRL Turn-o-matic replacement wireless remote control
160537 M80 type tickets for Turn-o-matic | 5 rolls of 3000 tickets per sleeve | 15,000 tickets
206488 M90 type tickets for Turn-o-matic | 6 rolls/ box | 24000 tickets
261568 Turn-o-matic dispenser floor stand
410029-STAND Turn-o-matic pictorial counter sign
330469-06-UP Turn-o-matic replacment up button
374737-06 Turn-o-matic replacement transformer
204550 Bilingual 'next cash' sign
217402 French next cash checkout sign
345565 English next cash sign
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